Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The peerless neo-Piagetians

Excerpt from this Zak Stein statement:

"My basic argument is that, because of their comprehensiveness and explanatory power, Neo-Piagetian approaches transcend but include approaches that focus on ego-development. I also suggest that Neo-Piagetian approaches are less susceptible to misuse as quasi-religious meaning making tools for ranking the worth of individuals."

"Many developmentalists engage in assessment practices and offer frameworks that mystify our self-understandings and render us unable to define for ourselves our own sense of self-worth. We become dependent on an expert to tell us if we are a turquoise, autonomous, integrated, construct-aware, 2nd-tier, magician, alchemist, or spiral wizard. Are you among these chosen saviors, or are you merely a conventional, formal operating, conformist, expert, achiever, or individualist? Just note the normative loading of the names of the levels themselves. This is a blurring of the lines between psychology and religion—a pseudoscientific replacement of our languages of self-understanding and self-evaluation. The Neo-Piagetains are about dismantling this cult of psychological self-aggrandizement and they stand against the giving over to experts of the means by which one evaluates self worth."

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