Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hartmann: How American democracy can die

And is in that process right now. The Dumpsters are violating the law at every turn, including ignoring Congressional subpoenas. What can we do about it? Congress can find violators in contempt. They can go to the courts to find their subpoenas legal and must be obeyed. But any judicial ruling must be enforced, and it's up to the Attorney General to do so. So what if he ignores the Congress and the Judiciary? What can we do about that?

Hartmann provides some history of 3 times former Presidents ignored Supreme Corp rulings. It was Jackson in two of those cases, the portrait of which hangs in Dump's Offal Office and whom he admires. Since there is no recourse if the President and his Atty. General won't enforce the laws made by Congress and adjudicated legal by the courts, then what? There goes democracy.

Also see Hartmann's article on the topic here for more.

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