Monday, June 18, 2012

Are French socialist victories a bellwether?

Related to this previous post on President Hollande's French victory, this Reuters article reports on France's election results yesterday. Hollande's socialists won a "resounding parliamentary majority," securing 307 seats. "The leftward swing gives the Socialists more power than they have ever held as Hollande pushes for new tools to stimulate growth in the sickly euro zone and a European banking union that would protect depositors and states if banks fail." Now the social democrats will have the upper hand in fighting conservative austerity, implementing increased taxes on corporations and the rich, and investment in the public programs that help the 99%. It's about time that democratic socialists are back in vogue. I can only hope that this indicates a broader world trend that eventually filters back to the US, where democratic socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders have been leading the way back to a more just and equitable polity. Vive la France!

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