Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nuns against the Ryan budget

Tonight Ed Shultz interviewed sister Simone Campbell, who organized a bus tour to hit 9 States protesting the Ryan budget as immoral. Romney supports it. Ryan justifies cuts to the needy based on his Catholic faith. Campbell doesn't agree, noting that Ryan only talks about individual responsibility. She notes the fullness of faith also requires community and helping each other. "Because Congressman Ryan only has half the facts he's 100% wrong." She agrees with the US Congress of Catholic Bishops that Ryan's budget is immoral, as it cuts programs for the needy and gives that money to the well off. "It's not what Jesus would do and it's against all the social principles we hold dear." So far Ryan refuses to engage the sisters on this issue.

In response to Shultz's question "How can good Catholics support the Ryan budget" Campbell responds that if they've never had contact with the poor, if they've only experienced people at the top, they cannot relate to what's happening. The poor or struggling middle class are not that way because they are lazy or lack individual responsibility; they are victims of a bad economy and need help. Her work requires her to interact with the needy every day and she sees this firsthand, which develops the necessary compassion and care to lift them up.

Campbell notes that it's a legitimate concern that some social programs might disempower people. However she affirms that responsible community programs give them the tools to fend for themselves and lifts them out of poverty. These are the programs the sisters invest in. She is hoping to meet with House Speaker Boehner to discuss what the interfaith community has created, a "faithful budget." It raises revenue for responsible, reasonable programs. She is absolutely right that the reason we're in deficit is because we went to war and reduced taxes, not because of social programs. Good luck with that sisters.

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