Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SCOTUS further enables corporations, further disables Unions

John Nichols reports that the US Supreme Court's recent ruling on Montana expanded Citizens United to State and local elections. But it did quite a bit more that I have not heard reported anywhere. Corporations, without shareholder votes of approval, can spend however much money they want to back a candidate or cause. Yet the ruling said that Unions will require "that they get affirmative approval from workers they represent (but who may not at the moment be union members) before making special dues assessments to fund campaigns countering corporations.... The union will have to go through the laborious process of gaining permission from tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of workers. And even then, it will face additional reporting and structural barriers imposed by the Court." Yet corporations can just give vast sums with not only no shareholder approval, but no whiff of employee approval.

Are they completely blind to the double standard? Of course not. They are well aware that this moves political power further into the hands of the 1%, and further away from the working (and unemployed) 99%. And further erodes the power of Unions, the only remaining bastion of progressive big money, fast diminishing into small and ineffective money as planned. This is obvious and blatant plutocracy and the destruction of democracy.

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  1. Also see this story, which provided details on the SCOTUS hypocritical double standard:



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