Thursday, June 21, 2012

Republican witch hunt on the Attorney General

The US House oversight committee, chaired by witch-hunter Darrell Issa, voted to hold US Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not providing information regarding the operation "Fast and Furious." This after Holder testified numerous times before the committee and released over 7,600 documents to them. Speaker Boehner said he'll bring the contempt vote before the full Congress next week. Holder said this is political theater that is not really interested in getting to the bottom of the issue. So why the witch-hunt now?

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi came right out and said the obvious: Holder is investigating voter suppression in Florida and elsewhere and this is an attempt to halt that investigation from preventing said voter suppression by denigrating the Justice Dept. She recalls that in '07 several US Attorneys were fired when they refused to participate on voter suppression and provided a House Judiciary Committee report as evidence. In the wake of Citizens United the same big donors then are now secretly funneling vast sums to the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has sponsored these laws throughout the US.

Meanwhile this also diverts from actions Congress needs to take to actually help the struggling middle class. Bills are pending to renew a transportation bill that would keep many employed and another bill to prevent school loans from doubling. But Republicans don't give a damn about this and rather hope the don't pass. This would further weaken the economy and thus benefit them politically in their bid to defeat Obama's reelection. That it would hurt the rest of us doesn't even register on their sociopathic personalities.

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  1. Also see Rachel Maddow's story on this. She too thinks it's a paranoid conservative narrative to distract from the real news of the day, while not making the specific connection to distracting from the voter purge.


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