Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New facts in Fast & Furious expose conservative lies

I realize new facts (or any facts) won't mean much to the paranoid who don't deal in reality, but for the rest of us with smaller amygdalas and larger forebrains Ed Shultz reports that Issa has not been able to link AG Holder to any wrongdoing whatsoever, or even provide any evidence that he had any foreknowledge about the case.

Shultz brought in a new investigative report from Fortune magazine that said gun trafficking never happened the way conservatives have been spinning it. According to ATF agents involved in the case they never allowed guns to be run but seized them whenever they could. They were however stymied by weak laws and prosecutors at every turn. The problem was instead that buying a gun in the US was so easy, largely due to NRA-influenced legislation, that in AZ there is no waiting period to buy them, no permits are required and buyers can resell guns. NRA lobbying prevented the ATF from establishing a national database to track gun sales.

It turns out that the NRA and their conservative cronies are projecting their paranoid fantasies onto Obama and Holder because it is their policies that indeed caused all the problems associated with this case. Instead of facing the facts (again, they don't apply for them) they must stick to their delusional ideology at all costs and project their cognitive dissonance (I know they won't understand what that is) on the other side with conspiracy theories. And ironically they are making a much stronger case for stricter guns laws where none have heretofore been suggested. And no doubt for the smarter conservatives (I know, an oxymoron) they figured out a way to head off any new legislation for tighter gun controls by concocting this bizarre story so that if attempted they can point and say: “See, I told you that was their intention.”

Also see Rachel Maddow's report, bringing in the Fortune article around 10:15. She interviewed the author of the story, Katherine Eban. Time and again ATF agents wanted to pursue suspects buying guns to run to Mexico but prosecutors did not proceed on a single one of them due to AZ laws as described above.

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