Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bill Maher: Conservatives are children

Maher's New Rules last night did a segment on conservative child stars. "If a 14 year-old can deliver you message it's not because he's gifted but it's because intellectually you're a child." He showed a video of a 14 year-old kid with a conservative talk radio show espousing gay hatred just like his 'adult' radio forebears. Maher is not slamming kids because we expect them to be that way; they are not all that intellectually or morally developed and just repeat what the hear from family, etc. His message to conservatives: "No wonder 14 year-old boys can do your act; you sound exactly like 14 year-old boys."

As but one example, last week Republicans voted to keep using styrofoam containers in school cafeterias. It's non-biodegradable and poisons the food contained therein. Instead of responding to reason and science with a concern to public health they basically said "fuck you" like a child. Liberals don't have such teen prodigies because their message requires the kinds of things lacking in children noted above so they can't do liberal talk shows like Rachel Maddow. But they can do Limbaugh's show. "Step 1, be a giant dick. Step 2, there is no step 2."

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