Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sad day for democracy in Wisconsin

Scott Walker survived the WI recall election and remains Governor. Yes, it was a democratic process that kept him, in that the majority of people voted for him. But there can be no doubt that majority was influenced by the millions of dollars that flooded the campaign ads they saw. Walker outspent his opponent 7.5 to 1, with 66% of his contributions coming from out of State, as opposed to 25% for Barrett. This was a record-setting campaign in terms of money spent, and a lot of that money came from the wealthy 1%, who realized their oligarchy was at stake.

Yes, the oligarchy has found a way to highjack democracy, to get people to vote against their own interests by lying to them, making up so-called facts that have been disproven. Like that Walker created a budget surplus! These folks hate democracy so they've learned to manipulate it to maintain oligarchy. And they do so because they have most of the money. The bottom line is that progressives have to figure out a way to get as much money to get their message out with equal strength. Otherwise true democracy is not just dying but dead, and the 1% got just what they paid for.

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