Friday, April 4, 2014

Stewart on the Supreme Corp decision

He rightly calls bullshit to the recent McCutcheon decision. The regressives, while acknowledging that money indeed buys access, can't see how this could be corrupting. Yet this weekend several GOP Presidential hopefuls fly to Las Vegas to kiss the ass of Sheldon Adeleson, their billionaire super donor. Governor Christie even had to apologize to him for calling the West Bank of Israel "occupied." Stewart notes that he knows a lot of elderly Jewish folks who would like to tell politicians how they can refer to Israel but Presidential hopefuls are not convening in their living rooms. Regressives also say the ruling allows more people to get involved in the political process. In fact only 646 people ran up against the campaign contribution limits that the decision overturned. So the ruling is only for those 646 people to buy more influence, period.

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