Saturday, June 21, 2014

Religion must develop beyond the tribal

Continuing from this post, Panikkar is quoted below, indicative of moving beyond enthocentrism, i.e, moving religion into at least rationality. The world can no longer tolerate a 'tribal' religion, for we see what it does, e.g., Iraq. And what it does in US government, rolling back decades of humanitarian and environmental progress in its name. We can no longer afford to "let them stop where they want to," for they very well could destroy life on this planet in the form of climate change denial and inaction to correct our complicity.


"To the third Christian millennium is reserved the task of overcoming a tribal Christology by a Christophany which allows Christians to see the work of Christ everywhere, without assuming that they have a better grasp or a monopoly of that Mystery, which has been revealed to them in a unique way."

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