Saturday, June 21, 2014

We may need more than democracy

Continuing from this post, and bringing in a discussion of the conveyor belt from the FB IPS discussion, I've agreed with Wilber's comments that an integral government and law that would provide that upward attractor while allowing people to be where they are. He distinguishes between the freedom to think and believe whatever we want, but not to act on such beliefs if that behavior is not from the highest societal level. 

This seems to suggest that there needs to be some limits on individual freedom, that perhaps there needs to be some developmental requirements on how people can affect others. This of course calls into question the idea of democracy, which assumes we all have the same rights, which itself assumes we are all coming from the same level of response, an enlightened, rational self interest. But we are not. So perhaps there is a system better than democracy to achieve this purpose? See Layman Pascal's suggestion for a massive internal profiling civilization in this post, where to hold office you must be integrally profiled and found worthy.

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