Monday, June 30, 2014

On trans-partisanship

There has been much talk in integral circles about trans-partisanship, on how we work together to implement a better political system. Unfortunately this usually revolves around selling the AQAL model, that to achieve this end we must use this particular model not only to understand the problem but to implement its solution. That is, we have to teach this model to government officials which will thereby elevate their personal level of understanding so that they can then use the model for coordinating such trans-partisanship.

On the other hand we have the likes of Ralph Nader, who it seems has never heard of such a model and is making inroads into just the sort of trans-partisanship necessary to overcome what has become a fascist oligarchy in the US.
His new book Unstoppable documents the already existing coalitions where right and left have come together on key issues like minimum wage, Wall Street crime, corporate welfare, civil liberties and more. He recently sponsored a conference where there was ample discussion from the left and right on how they are teaming up to fight the fascist State-Corp alliance and are achieving results. If you want to see how a real integral agenda gets trans-partisanship done see this, instead of investing in some pipe dream that requires one to swallow (buy) its trademarked and ironically partisan (and capitalist) theoretical model hook, line and sinker before anything even gets off the ground.

If as some have proposed we accept the tenet that a true integralist can implement its agenda without ever mentioning the word 'integral,' or requiring the implementation of a model derived therefrom, or that some are doing integral work already without any knowledge of the foregoing, then Nader might very well be such an example. He is certainly accomplishing trans-partisanship and empowering the people while kennilingus is not. In that case who really gives a fuck if it's 'integral' in the kennilingus sense?

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