Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More on satire

Further commenting on this post, as is evident from these 30-year old satires, the same issues are pertinent today. While I've been all in on the human potential movement, and now the integral movement, they have the same problems in common. I'm not at all opposed to an elite vanguard exploring and developing our higher potentials in intensive and focused communities. But it's then on how we formulate such achievements, how we envision the next phases, how we implement it in the larger society, how we share it and induce a societal shift for the better. I see that happening in the emerging Commons which Rifkin merely documented. I don't see that happening with the kennilinguists, but do see hope in the broader integral movement as it includes Morin, (pre-metaphysical) Bhaskar, Rifkin and many others, including the extremely rich forum that is IPS.

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