Thursday, June 19, 2014

The unemployed don't exist if you can't see them

This article underlies the real reason the regressives cut unemployment insurance. They claimed that if we cut the benefits these lazy bastards living the cushy life on such extravagant income they would get off their lazy asses and take one of those superabundent jobs just lying around waiting for the taking. Turns out that the long-term unemployed, who in many cases have long employment histories and good skill sets, have just given up and quit trying to find work in a job market where few exist.

They've been beaten into submission, so they no longer show up on unemployment stats. They've ceased to exist in regressive minds so they can continue to ignore the problem. Much like putting up those spikes in area where these now homeless folks used to sleep. If they get out of our sight we can continue to pretend there's nothing wrong. And blame the victims. Such compassion, eh?

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