Saturday, June 28, 2014

Petition FCC to hold public hearings

See and sign the petition from Daily Kos here if you're so inclined.

In the past few weeks, an overwhelming number of comments have been filed at the FCC in favor of protecting an open internet and real net neutrality. Despite this, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has not scheduled large, public field hearings. Before Chairman Wheeler considers passing rules which could end net neutrality and open the door for pay-to-play lanes, he should face the American public by holding large, open public meetings across the country.

In addition to voices from the grassroots, FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has indicated her support for more public input. Rep. Mike Honda issued a letter inviting the Chairman to hold public meetings in Silicon Valley. Further, Senator Pat Leahy took matters into his own hands and plans to hold a public field hearing for constituents in Vermont on July 1.

Join the voices calling for Wheeler to hold large, open public field hearings. Sign and send the petition to the FCC demanding the Chairman come out and face the public support for real net neutrality.

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