Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bryant on culpability

Continuing from this post. Today I read the following passage from Bryant's Onto-Cartography, relevant to the recent linked FB discussions noted previously.

"We wish to say that belief is what is in our heart of hearts, but following Zizek, belief seems to reside more in what we do than in how we theorize or conceptualize what we do in our hearts. Our beliefs are not inside here, in our minds, but rather out there in the actions we engage in, the institutions we support and participate in, the authorities we recognize, etc. I might wish to tell myself that I support the theory of evolution, that I don't share my church's positions, yet in contributing to the church, participating in its events, and so on, it is actually the creationist standpoint that I advance in the world, not evolutionary theory" (90-91).

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