Monday, April 6, 2015

Focus on what's already happening maybe?

Instead of putting lipstick on a pig? Continuing from this post, I also posted it as an IPS FB post here which is generating discussion. Some of my responses follow:

Also see this Ning IPS post and several following on that page and the next on how holacracy also buys into conscious capitalism. [...] By conscious capitalism I mean that specific brand created and marketed by John Mackey of Whole Foods. And which brand has been wholeheartedly embraced by kennilingus and holacracy.

Recall what our socio-economic system is already starting to transition into, which will take at least few decades. The Commons isn't just a LR system but an AQAL affair, as is spirituality. This LR infrastructure also has a spiritual consciousness component which Rifkin also discusses. It is in this direction we 'integralists' should be investing our spiritual energies, rather than trying to inject spirituality into a corrupt and dying system.


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