Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paving the Commons road

Continuing from this post. Also see this Ning IPS thread on the ongoing discussion.

One of the aspects of the Commons Scharmer highlights is the MITx program using a massive open online course format. It's a different approach to eduction that highlights P2P participation and collaboration for low to no cost. To reiterate his message, and a recent forum concern as to how integral can have an impact in the concrete world, join this movement that already exists.

We can retroactively try to understand it with our metatheories, but the latter are only relevant to the degree they feedback from and into the existing Commons instead of trying to pigeonhole the movement into metatheories' ofttimes rigid metaphysical categories. Or worse, just dismissing the Commons as some kind of irrelevant green meme and investing all our integral theory in so-called conscious capitalism.

We already have so engaged in this and the Ning IPS forum, where we enact open source P2P knowledge generation. So how do we engage and promote the other aspects of the Commons? And an important one: how do we move our P2P knowledge generation to a media format other than Facebook, one more in alignment with the Commons ethos?

A key point in OOO is that our media infrastructures influence everything else. So how and to what degree is our P2P Commons being appropriated, diluted and made ineffective by this capitalist media structure? IPS is certainly only being channeled into those of like mind and not broadly linked or communicated. Its a form of isolationist marginalization built right into this format. Much like, I might add, how MSNBC has pretty much marginalized some of the most powerful progressive voices in politics.

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