Friday, April 10, 2015

Is being embedded in capitalism an excuse to ignore it?

Especially for those touting an evolutionarily advanced worldview and model? Following up on this post, Eric wonders to what degree it's complicit corruption. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and not assuming conscious corruption but rather like all of us the gravity well of embeddedness in the capitalist structure is mostly invisible. Nonetheless it is incumbent on us to bring it to light and do something about it. Recall the following from Michael's agency and structure post:

"[I]n my experience at my now research university, itself part of the widespread trend of reconfiguring itself on neoliberal business models (where the rising costs of tuition, from the educational side, is not faculty salaries, but the mad increase of managerial and supporting staff positions, where these now outnumber faculty on more and more campuses, and where faculty are increasingly adjunct hence a disposable work force for this cancer like managerial growth), at my U, people I have known for many years, who are highly developed in any integral sense (we ran an integral pilot for the lead administrators and they embraced it, while scoring very high on the Lectica testing from the outset), and who are exemplary human beings, such people now in administrative roles are acting and speaking in ways that are more or more set by the new set of university structures, to an extent that they do not even begin to recognize to what extent they are being in the world so differently (while faculty see these changes in their acting and speaking , in some cases the shift being dramatic and even leading to memory loss for those valued souls); even as these wonderful people enact their administrative roles from highly developed levels of being; and yet still, in cases, act and speak in what I believe could be demonstrated to be ideological ways. I am sure I too act in these less than critical, pre-structured ways proper to these finacialized-reductions of educational values, even on my side much or most of the time would be my guess."

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