Sunday, April 5, 2015

Corporate (ahem) spirituality

See this article, wherein he likens this to another version of Republican prosperity programming: if you're healthy, wealthy and wise you deserve it because you're spiritual. And if not, you're damned for all eternity. Conscious capitalism is part of this phenomenon. An excerpt:

"We might call this a belief in spiritual meritocracy. The implicit idea here is that our professional and financial growth depends on our spiritual merit, not on the presence or absence of social structures and biases. We are told that if we are grateful enough, if we put enough happy energy into the universe, then we will be rewarded with material wealth and earthly pleasures. (Think “The Secret.”) We are told that we actually can have it all: a rich spiritual life, leading to a rich material life. [...] The meritocracy myth works more to justify an existing social hierarchy than to inspire us to make positive social changes."

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