Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Age nonsense

The following is from Cameron Freeman's FB post today. It reminds me of when I was a massage therapy student in southern CA in the mid 80s amidst all this positive thinking crap. In response I created an affirmation suited to that milieu: I am my Higher Selfish. Here's Cameron:

"The Positive Thinking movement, the Law of Attraction, the notion that 'thoughts create things' and that we can 'create our own reality' – all of this stems from Occult Magic (Alistair Crowley), which strangely enough also moves through the White House in multiple presidencies (e.g. Reagan). The belief that our thoughts and feelings are causative and that the Universe responds to our wishes is an anti-intellectual hiding place for spiritual narcissism - or 'the wonder of being me'. The divine egoism that ensues only fuel the frantic search for an imaginary perfection that places our compulsive demands to enjoy life and our infantile claims on the external world squarely at the center reality, which, sadly, only entangles us further into suffering instead of liberating us from it… Enlightenment is the ego’s biggest failure!"

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