Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hillary is all talk

Yeah, she started her campaign talking about income inequality and Wall Street corruption. But only because she knows that's what resonates with the country, not because she'll actually do anything about it. And Wall Street knows it. They know what she does is far more important than what she says, and Hillary has supported them all the way to get their campaign payola. They know it's just spin to placate the Warren wing of her Party, but that wing are not the ignorant fools like the regressive base. That is, we know it's all talk and aren't buying it.

Senator Sanders agrees:

“It's not what she says, it's what she does. [...] Based on her record, I don't think so." Sanders thinks only a grassroots campaign can do the trick, and Hillary ain't that but part of the very problem she spins about. Sanders is considering a run for the Democratic nomination but doesn't know if he can raise the money necessary, since he won't take Wall Street money. Grassroots means the 98% have to come up with small donations, and he isn't sure that us commoners struggling to make ends meet can afford it. Or that we even care, being so beaten down by the 1% we just don't believe that government can ever work for us.

I can assure you though that if Senator Warren ran we would believe and give her whatever money we could scrape together. 

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