Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thermodynamic socio-economics and ethics

Also recall one of Michael's points in his integral myth thread, that no matter one's cognitive level on developmental tests, once within the system the system itself starts speaking and acting through us. It challenges the notion that all we need do is attain integral cognition, or try to inculcate the integral model into the system. The system itself will appropriate those cognitions and models for its own purposes and proceed along virtually unchanged. We need to also enact new socio-economic structures in alignment with our cognitions and models. That is what the Commons movement is doing. And apparently organically, without AQAL models.

Bryant has made much of thermo-politics, including the Real of thermodynamics into how we include non-human actants in our ethics. Rifkin also address thermodynamics as part of the emerging Commons ethic. And also like Bryant, Rifkin includes the emerging non-human physical infrastructures necessary to enact the Commons. These two are a match made in heaven, but despite my trying to hook them up they apparently have not to date.

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