Thursday, April 9, 2015

Myth America

Continuing from the last post, my comments so far in that thread:

Thanks Michael. Keep in mind that this phenomenon also relates to 'academic' integralists, in that some in that ivory tower think that only those so engaged are worthy of inclusion in this sort of discussion and enaction. Bruce (Balder) continues to bridge both worlds by offering the Ning and FB IPS forums, where quite a few of us guerrilla integralists are making headway in this kind of endeavor.

It seems with metatheory we're still only in the UL via structuralism, the outside of the interior. It does not address LR social structures, let alone provide means to change them or the will to make those changes. Just teaching metatheory to corporate upper management doesn't do anything to challenge the entire capitalist corporate structure in the first place, let alone implement a more Commons-based structure.

In that regard, the upcoming ITC 2015 theme is catalyzing effective change. Do any of the presentations address the above? Do any provide ways and means to enact the new Commons infrastructure? Or critique capitalistic inequality, etc? That is, catalyze effective change?

Also we must remain aware that Facebook is one of those underlying infrastructures of the capitalistic frame. And by so participating in it we feed the beast, which has appropriated and distorted a P2P meme for its own agenda. We cannot just say "well there's no alternative, if we want to connect we must accept it." There are alternative social media but we're too damned lazy and comfortable to do something about it. It's just too convenient to accept it and play along to get what we want out of it, regardless of the consequences.

Along that line, Ning is a step up in the right direction. And it's a far better format for online discussion, video sharing etc. Yet few of you here [FB IPS] use Ning IPS.

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