Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Compare budget proposals

Between the House Republicans and the Progressive Congressional Caucus (CPC) here. In doing so one can clearly see the moral difference between these groups. The GOP budget wants to further slash health and safety programs so that incidents like the Flint MI water crisis increase. The same slashing goes for discretionary spending programs that help people in need like food stamps, killing consumer protection and healthcare as well as favoring fracking over renewable energy development.

Meanwhile the CPC budget invests in our crumbling infrastructure and green energy, education, job creation, and providing health and safety for the public via needed utilities like water. They want fair wage increases, fair election practices, fair taxation, affordable healthcare and so on. In short, and as always, the GOP wants more money to the wealthy while the CPC wants a fair and equitable distribution of income and services to all.

Take your pick, but don't make any mistakes about the reality of the moral imperatives in these budgets.

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