Friday, March 25, 2016

Democracy Now interview with Greenwald on terrorism and Trump

 In the video below Democracy Now asks Greenwald to respond to the Brussels terrorist bombings. He says that Americans should not be surprised when the terrorists respond this way after we carpet bomb them. That in fact we play into ISIS' hand when we do the carpet bombing that kills innocent civilians as acceptable collateral damage, which just creates more terrorists. We also play into their hands with the Republicans' response of refusing Muslim refugees, and of surveilling and harassing those already in the country. This is what ISIS wants by their tactics, to drive a wedge between Muslims already in Western countries and those countries. Contrast it with how President Obama refuted the Republican xenophobia, instead suggesting we build relationships with non-radicalized Muslims.

Greenwald then discussed why establishment Republicans hate Trump, because Trump actually and honestly says in plain terms what the GOP has heretofore only implied via dog-whistle rhetoric: hate all others that are not part of the real, white America that made us great before and will make us great again. That's his appeal, his honesty at espousing all the angst, fear and hatred in us the GOP created but previously controlled.

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