Sunday, March 20, 2016

The beautiful mind of Dr. Zachary Stein

Balder posted on FB IPS this link to Tim Winton's interview with Zak Stein. I really appreciate the table of contents so that I can zoom in on a particular topic when I have limited time. E.g., (35:45 - 37:45) Signs of Catastrophic Bifurcation discusses the current situation where both the regression to feudalism and the progression to democracy co-exist. I.e., the reigning capitalistic oligarchy and the emerging libertarian socialism of the neo-commons vie for ascendancy. We also see it playing out in the US Presidential election, with extreme regression on the Republican side, less extreme regression mixed with some progression in Clinton, and a much more progressive streak in Sanders and the rising cultural movement he represents.

Another example, around 45:30 how we as individuals are indeed unique, yet we must also work together in a collective intelligence to effect transformation. The distinction is also made in separating this uniqueness in communion from individual specialness or narcissism (47:45). All of which is reminiscent of the recent posts here on Eisler's work.

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