Thursday, December 29, 2016

Administration plan to destroy Medicare

See this article detailing the incoming Director of Health and Human Services plan to strangle Medicare to death, and us along with it. The notion of 'balance billing' is being floated for Medicare. It is a current custom for those that use 'out of network' providers on their health insurance plans. Physicians that are in-network agree to accept what the insurance company will pay for their services, minus co-pays and deductibles. But with out of network physicians a patient must pay the difference of what the physician charges and what the health insurance company will pay. So the plan is to now apply this to Medicare, which currently requires physicians to accept what Medicare will pay for their services in exchange for getting a lot more patients via Medicare. That means the elderly on Medicare would have to make up the difference in fees and it could amount to vast sums on their out of pocket expenses, if effect draining whatever savings they have while enriching physicians. Great plan there Republicans.

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