Thursday, December 22, 2016

The spiritual crisis of the modern economy

Excellent article that discusses Michael Lerner's analysis of what happened in this election. We live in a meritocratic materialistic society where we are judged solely by our jobs and earning capacity. This sort of economy favors the well educated and highly skilled, and everyone else must live up to that standard or suffer the consequences. Never mind that not everyone has an equal opportunity to attain that; if they don't it's their own lazy fault according to the privileged. And of course the less well off come to believe this themselves like dogs kicked regularly.

Which is of course right where the well off want them so that they can benefit from abusing their labor. Twamp is a prime example in his business practices. And ironically the downtrodden believe him when he tells them he will help them, not knowing his kind are the very people that created their situation. Since they are afraid to bite the hand that does not feed them but promises to do so, they also believe the lies the well off like Twamp feed them about others they are manipulated to think caused their problems, like immigrants or Muslims. It's a vicious cycle that maintains the status quo.

Also ironically, these poor souls were led to believe that Clinton, as a Wall Street lackey, didn't care about them when if fact it is Twamp and the Republicans who have proven time and again through their policies that they despise the very people they need to win elections with lies and manipulation. The only way to break this cycle is with authentic progressives in charge of governments from the bottom up, initiating policies that help people in need with assistance and jobs so that they once again build up enough self-esteem to think clearly and vote accordingly for those that really want to help them and against lying bastards that just want to manipulate them for their own benefit.

And yes, Sanders was indeed that sort of candidate that would have not only won but brought along other progressives on down ballot tickets to do exactly that. But no, the elite Democrats sucking big money teat saw an end to that agenda and they lost yet again. If we want to change this cycle it is indeed time for Our Revolution, meaning we the people.

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