Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas presents are not made by elves

Just maybe consider who actually makes them, under what conditions, and to whom all that money you spend goes to? From this expose:

"The imagery of cheerful elves making gifts in Santa's workshop is far from the reality, and contributes to hide from our sight the conditions of workers in the factories that make what we so enthusiastically buy. Some 80 per cent of the world's toys are manufactured in China, with just about every popular children's toy bearing a 'made in China' label on its underbelly. The harsh reality is that long before Christmas songs are blasting from every department store in the West, these 'elves' who are in fact, real, living Chinese workers, are forced to work around the clock to churn out millions of products, ready for arrival in western stores for the festive season."

"To cope with this, workers are forced to endure inhumane treatment, working excessively long hours for unethically low wages, in unsafe conditions, facing verbal, and often physical or sexual abuse. All in complete violation of their fundamental human rights. This is the grueling monotonous life endured by millions of factory workers across the world, to meet the increased consumer demand of the Christmas shopping period."

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