Monday, December 19, 2016

Brand New Congress on Uber

From their FB post:

"Really, Uber? Teachers should need a side hustle? These latest ads by Uber, such as, are how big companies start normalizing the idea that people in decent jobs should not be earning a living wage. Notice how, with a quick video transition, they show us that this guy is a science teacher -- but even he needs a 'side hustle' to survive. If anyone on Uber's advertising team had been a teacher, they would know that being a teacher is an insanely difficult, all-consuming job. Teachers most certainly should not 'need a side hustle.' 

"We should demand better of our society. We should invest in education, infrastructure and production while fighting for the rights of labor to make these jobs ones that people can lead a decent life on. Let's not fall into the mental trap of assuming we can do nothing but have a declining quality of life where everyone needs two or three jobs just to get by. But of course, huge companies would love nothing more than to normalize the idea that workers only deserve a pittance."

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