Saturday, December 24, 2016

Integral Theory Conference debate on post-capitalism

I might have posted on this before but it's been a while. Here's Jeremy Johnson's report on the debate. Some excerpts follow. See the link for much more:

"We begin with Zak's statement. His "weak" argument is that we should at least inform ourselves with the basics of heterodox economics (or Marxist economics). The "strong" argument is that, if we are going to be Integral Theorists, we should at least be post-capitalist. We shouldn't label these kind of progressive suggestions as green meme, because too often that is a substitution for actual thought. We're not dialoguing with the actual thought form.

"Too often we take it as a given that we should be transcending and including, without doing the more difficult work of looking at history and discerning what structures actually had to end, or disintegrate. We don't transcend and include injustice, we get rid of injustice. As integral thinkers we should speak, take power, and be opposed to things."

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