Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bernie and the People's Party

Nick Brana is spearheading the movement to draft Bernie to head a new People's Party. The first question is why not either reform the Dem Party or join the Green Party, since both already have the infrastructure in place. Staring a new Party is a humongous task. Brana responded that whatever direction we take, it has to inspire people to get involved. And according to polls, the majority find that inspiration in having Bernie lead a People's Party.

He gives the example of how the Republican Party replace the Whig Party by bringing together a number of other small Parties and constituencies. And now there are a lot of people disillusioned with both major Parties as well as the ineffective Green Party. That was part of Trump's appeal to these people; he was considered an outsider to the corrupt system. Bernie is also considered as being outside that system, having been an independent his entire career. The same people respond to him in that regard. He would also attract those Green Party voters into a larger Party and constituency.

Still, the process of starting a new Party and building the necessary infrastructure is daunting. Brana makes the good point that when Bernie started his campaign he had nothing. And yet look at the movement he inspired, the money raised taking no PAC or big corporate money. He's proven that there is a need for a new direction in politics, that people support such an idea. And these same people are motivated to do all the legwork to form something new that represents them and has a very good chance at succeeding.

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