Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Rule on Twamp's betrayals

Maher goes through some of the major ones. Twamp promised lower drug prices and instead will deregulate drugs further. He promised the XL pipeline would be built with American still and it won't. He promised to save coal miners but his budget guts help to them. He promised better and cheaper health insurance for everyone but the plan proposed was the complete opposite: not repeal and replace but bait and switch. He promised Mexico will pay for his wall and we will pay for it. It's endless promises of the moon while delivering a trip to the swamp. Maher's hoping Twamp supporters will wake up and see they've been conned bigly. But that will require some semblance of wits, and supporters to date just don't seem to have even a smidgen given they've fallen hard for this DonConMan.

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