Thursday, March 23, 2017

The dark money behind Twamp and Bannon

Democracy Now clip on Robert Mercer, the billionaire behind the Twamp swamp vision of America. Bannon has been quoted as admitting Mercer's pivotal influence in their support. Mercer financially backed both Bannon and Conway before they joined the Twamp campaign and continued that support when they did join it. It appears it was their ideology that Mercer supported, and all three thought they could manipulate Twamp to implement it.

Discussion ensues with Jane Mayer about her recent article on the topic. Mercer is a far-right extremist who hates government and wants it decimated. He has contempt for social services and the people who need them. He despises the mainstream media, thinking they are a bane to his humanity-hating agenda. He is the one behind Bannon, Conway and all the other Twamp appointments that they manipulated Twamp to install. All the Executive Orders and legislative proposals coming out of the White House are testament to his influence.

Also detailed is how Mercer's money got Breitbart News off the ground, its intention being to call into question fact-based news reporting by filling the airwaves with unsubstantiated racist and xenophobic propaganda. It was the ultimate post-truth program to confuse supporters into believing their twisted vision of a white nationalist (neo-Nazi) America. Twamp is just the manipulated front spokesperson for these people pulling the strings.

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