Thursday, March 30, 2017

Senator Warren reams Senate GOP

This woman must be our next President. She reveals how the Senate GOP has done nothing to help working families but has done quite a lot to hurt them. They'd made it easier for the following: corporations to pollute our water supply; the mentally ill to buy guns; hunters to shoot bears hibernating in their dens and wolves from planes; government contractors to steal worker wages; companies to hide worker on-the-job injuries; States to pilfer education funds; States to thwart the eligible unemployed from collecting their unemployment insurance.

And now they're going to overturn a rule that allows millions of Americans to obtain State- and City-sponsored retirement plans when their employers don't offer one. Why? Because the Chamber of Commerce, and the giant corporations they represent, don't want competition from these plans that offer better and safer retirement investments for less cost. But you might have thought letting the market decide through competition was what the business model was all about? If so, you were mitaken; it's about oligarchic monopolies who will thwart any and all competition.

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