Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hartmann on Gorsuch

He starts with quoting Warren on how Gorsuch has a knack for arguing for corporations and against ordinary working Americans. He supports Citizens United. He thinks it's reasonable for employers to protect themselves against prospective female employees by asking about their maternity plans, since he thinks women abuse such rights. He's praised someone who fraudulently claimed Obama was not born in the US. The same person Gorsuch admires also fraudulently claimed massive US voter fraud by those darkies, hence the need for even more voter suppression. He supports making torture legal again. 115 civil rights organizations oppose his nomination.

Hartmann thinks that due to the above the Democrats should filibuster Gorsuch because the GOP refused to even hold hearings on Obama's nominee, Garland. In fact, filibuster every Twamp nominee until the end of his 4-year term. The GOP has proven that this is a successful strategy for which they did not pay, so fuck 'em. Give them their own medicine and refuse to approve not only a Supreme Corp nominee but every federal judgeship as well.

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