Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Will corporate Dems refuse public option again?

Now that Sanders said he'll introduce Medicare for All, will the corporate Dems go along with it? The Dems, when they had the majority in Congress, could not even get a public option through because the corporate Dems were bought off by the health insurance companies. So while single payer is a great idea, the corporate Dems will thwart most assuredly thwart that again, even just a public option. A former insurance hit man discusses how that corrupt system works.

Still, progressives need to keep pushing it to demonstrate our values, with which the majority of Americans agree. The people like to see representatives fighting for them with authenticity and conviction, and that's what wins votes in elections. And at the very least, a government public option could be sold in conservative terms as a healthcare choice; let the people decide if they want it.

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