Thursday, March 23, 2017

Intel Committee chairman biased beyond repair

See the clip below for the latest story on the Twamp swamp wiretap story. Nunes, the chairman of the Intel committed, held a press conference saying there was "incidental collection" of Twamp campaign communications that had nothing to do with Russia but nonetheless made their way into intel reports. He felt this supported Twamp's claims of being wiretapped so went to the White House to tell Twamp before he discussed it with the Intel committee, the proper procedure. And you don't reveal it to the public.

Revealing classified information for political gain amply demonstrated Nunes lack of impartiality in this case. All the more so given such legally collected information was irrelevant to the purpose of the committee, investigating Russian connections and interference in the election. Republican Senator McCain said this shows Nunes' obvious bias in the matter and therefore an independent committee should proceed with the Russia investigation. Many others, including Republican Congresspeople, are convinced that the only possible explanation for this behavior was to bolster Twamp by tainting the the legitimate investigation.

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