Monday, June 4, 2018

Good critique of 'integral'

Joseph Dillard's FB post copied below.

"As a long-term progressive and supporter of Integral, my frustration, irritation, and anger with Integral, SD, "New Age," and all things progressive, is that while they are obsessed with Trump, culture wars, and social justice warriors who bizarrely attack the likes of Jordan Peterson, they are generally curiously silent about issues of justice and obedience to international law, particularly where Israel is concerned, but also in blaming Russia for our own collective deceit, corruption, and imperialism. I include Steven Pinker, who I greatly admire, in that critique. Is this a manifestation of a fear of being labeled "anti-Semitic?" Of appearing "un-PC?" Does being "fair and balanced" mean changing the subject from our responsibility to that of others? Is it the manifestation of a genuine belief that an uplifting of consciousness will save the day, when the data shows it has been the spread of universal standards of lawful behavior that has reduced violence world-wide and raised measures of well-being, not professions of religions, or of morality, and spirituality? Is it a sort of elitist, exceptionalistic arrogance that says that we and ours must be more evolved, more spiritual, even if we and our allies are killing people in cold blood? Is there really a meme or level of development that is higher or more sacred than reciprocity in respect for human rights? Can we realistically claim that our priority is compassion toward all sentient beings if we are not ready to defend for others those rights that we demand for ourselves? So we celebrate our mutual Teal wonderfulness in Hungary at the European Integral Conference while essentially ignoring issues of international justice and law? Just what level of development is that?"

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