Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lakoff: The linguistic war on truth

From his FB post:

"How Trump wages linguistic war on the truth:

1. Lies. Makes false claims knowing the press will repeat them to millions.
2. Weaponized words. Creates catchy names to attack opponents.
3. Salient Exemplars. Uses one example to stereotype entire groups.
4. Hedging. Uses "maybe," "I don't know," or "I'm joking" to evade responsibility for claims.

But responsible reporters and editors can fight back. Here are four simple ways to undermine Trump's anti-democracy, anti-truth strategy:

1. Learn how propaganda works and how Trump weaponizes words/stereotypes
2. Focus on the fact that democracy is under attack. This is a crisis
3. Stop letting him control every news cycle
4. Don't spread his lies

ICYMI, here's our full essay in The Guardian."

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