Monday, June 4, 2018

More Dimocrapic Party corruption

Glenn Greenwald on the corrupt re-nomination of Bob Menendez in the Senate. And while blocking good primary challengers. The Party needs to be overtaken by progressives and they're working on it, but the corruption is so entrenched that it's a long, long war.

"Here's your Democratic Party, the reason they have collapsed as a national political force: they united behind one of the sleaziest and most corrupt incumbent Senators in the country, preventing credible primary challengers and - even after he barely escaped federal conviction on bribery charges (brought by the Obama DOJ), had his legal defense fund supported by Sheldon Adelson, the Kushners, and AIPAC officials, and just got 'severely admonished' by the Senate Ethics Committee - they are ensuring that New Jersey Democrats on Tuesday have no choice but to send him back to the Senate for yet another term. You can't beat Trump and the GOP without fixing the severe sicknesses within the Democratic Party, exemplified by Bob Menendez."

"In the 2018 cycle, not a single Democratic incumbent has yet been defeated by a primary challenge. As the Intercept’s political reporting team has spent the year documenting, the entire party apparatus is designed to ensure that only rich, establishment candidates can win, while doing everything possible to block and destroy the chances of outsider, insurgent candidates (see the superb reporting from my colleague Aida Ch├ívez on Sunday about the obstacles put in front of working-class Democratic primary challenges, often by their own party’s structures)."

"It’s a party that lacks any vibrancy or movement. It’s stilted, stifled, and ossified. They don’t even allow primary challenges to rotted incumbents who have oozed a suffocating stench of corruption during almost three decades of incumbency in Congress, even if that incumbent has repeatedly blocked the party’s own agenda. As was also demonstrated by Hillary Clinton’s recent endorsement of the corruption-tainted Andrew Cuomo over his progressive primary challenger, Cynthia Nixon, seeking to become New York state’s first female governor: all that matters to them is closing ranks around one another, clinging as tightly as they can to their own prerogatives, preventing anyone from disrupting their ability to greedily feed at the corporate-fueled trough which keeps them fat and satiated."

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