Thursday, August 11, 2011

Texas Governor leads army of god toward the White House

Let's take a look at Rick Perry, the new conservative candidate for President of the US, the current Texas Governor. He held a prayer event in Houston this past weekend, as if prayer could do something to change our political system or solve our economic problems. As a Texas resident I recall he also recently noted that we needed to pray for rain to combat a terrible drought. The drought continues and the political climate still sucks. So much for prayer.

But the fact that he crosses the line and mixes church and state or believes in magical thinking toward a sky god pales in comparison to the group with which he collaborated for the recent Houston prayer event. Rachel Maddow is highlighting this story from the Texas Observer. Neither I nor Maddow are prone to conspiracy theories because they often have little to no basis in fact. And yet check out the clips from leaders of the New Apolstolic Reformation. This is astounding religious lunacy and fanaticism, and their chosen representative to lead God's army is Rick Perry. And it seems Perry is honored to play his part in infiltrating government on a mission from God backed by the NAR.

In another Maddow clip she interviews the author of the Observer story, Forrest Wilder. The movement is about paving the way for the second coming and Perry is key to this goal. While Wilder doesn't have inside information on the relationship between Perry and the group he observes that Perry did specifically choose them to be instrumental in the prayer meeting. Perry must have known what this group was about so it certainly leads us to wonder if he doesn't buy into their worship of him as the chosen one in God's army. It is consistent with the other bizarre behavior from the Texas Governor and it seems inevitable that we will learn more about this story as his candidacy for the Presidency proceeds.

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