Sunday, August 14, 2011

There's something not right with God

A few things have been brewing in my subconscious since posing some excerpts from Hagglund's response to Caputo. Please reference it for my comments to follow.

After reading Hagglund's response to Caputo I realized he articulated something nagging at me with Caputo, much as I appreciate him: God. I can go along with Caputo on a lot, even faith, but I just cannot stomach God, even postmetaphysical varieties. Like the first excerpt, that Caputo ties faith to the "unscathed" absolute good, reminding me of my critique of "spirituality" as something metaphysically set apart from the mundane. I'm interested in this idea of faith without God so Haggland might have something to offer me in his interpretation of Derrida in this regard.

The second excerpt, while distinguishing between the conditional and unconditional, does not turn the latter into a sacred a-part-ness. Like when he says that the latter is not something like unconditional love but more like an amorphous call or mystery, not defined to be something as specific as that. It doesn't have to be The Good (or the true or the beautiful). It's just openness to the unknown which allows for the only constant, change.

Kind of like the impossible in the 3rd excerpt. It is "not something above and beyond the possible" but something possible in the here and now if we but remain open with blind faith, for to condition the unconditional with any"thing" is antithetical to its unknowable, yet felt (intuited?) and present, mystery. And there really is no comfort in that at all. So what "good" is it then? No good whatsoever (if we define it as Hagglund suggests Caputo does).

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