Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wisconsin victories significant

While it is true that the Wisconsin recall elections failed to win the 3 Senate seats necessary to gain control, and while the conservatives therefore spin this as a “loss,” don’t be fooled. This is a major victory against the conservative agenda instituted by Governor Walker and his legislative cronies. Robert Creamer notes the immense ground gained by the recalls as follows. The 6 recalls on Tuesday were in heavily conservative districts, and that the Dems won 2 of the 6 is indicative of a huge swing. A third race against Alberta Darling, Walker’s darling rubber stamper, was quite close. That is was this close despite the millions spent by Darling and her financiers is astounding.

The recalls also got liberals campaigning in conservative districts, something they usually don’t invest in much during a general election. They now have resources in place to maintain influence during the general elections. Many people also invested their hard-earned free time in the campaigns, and such action with these results will motivate them to further continue their activism in the future. The wins provided momentum and put the conservatives on the defensive, which is atypical since the conservatives have been on the offensive since taking office. It has also allowed a more general public to see unions is action and the benefits they bring to the entire working class, not just members. And the rest of the nation, witnessing the event, are now inspired that they too can achieve justice if they would but just get involved, and many now will.
This report counters the spin that the results support Walker’s agenda. To the contrary they vindicate the opposition to it. Since 1913 there have been on 13 successful recalls against State legislators and in this case there were 2 in one night, a historic accomplishment. Now liberals are highly motivated to proceed with the recall of Walker himself.
This report notes that the victories will shift power in the Senate. Rep. Senator Dale Schultz had voted against his party on a few issues. And not only Schultz but the cadre of moderate conservative senators will now be empowered to counter the more extreme agenda of their party, Senators like Mike Ellis of Neenah, Luther Olsen of Ripon, Dale Schultz of Richland Center, Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls, and Robert Cowles of Green Bay. Any one of them could require a more humane touch to the heretofore inhumane agenda and hold up legislation in their own party until such concessions are made. Prior to this they didn’t have this kind of clout and went along with the program amid internal objections.
Do not be fooled by conservative spin. These wins were huge and the momentum has shifted. Expect more victories from Wisconsin and the rest of the US to come.

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