Sunday, January 22, 2012


I may have posted this before but will do so again. The following is a list of discussions of interest to me when the IPS forum was at Gaia. Following that is a list of my favorite discussions on the current Ning IPS forum.

Lady Gaga

Liberals are smarter than conservatives

Transpersonal Psychology

George Herbert Mead

Latte Party

Letting daylight into magic

John Caputo

Buddhism & Psychanalysis

Framing liberals

The shadow of the Dalai Lama

Stephen Batchelor

Spirituality without faith

RAW & E-prime

Mystery guest
Model of hierarchical complexity

Jean Gebser

Jacques Derrida

David Michael Levin

The next Buddha will be a collective

The narrative of enlightenment as consumer commodity

Transpersonal cognition

The status of states (all threads)

The end of enlightenment

Synergist spirituality

On meditation

Nondual or performative contradiction

Myth of the given
Integral capitalism

Gregory Desilet responds to Balder

Daily tarot card meditation game (all threads)

Authentic enlightenment

WC lattice & the pre-trans fallacy

Different kind of love


Modern day outlaw

Aestheticized Buddhism

Meditation & neuroscience

Ning links:

Object oriented ontology

On patterns of wholeness

Evolution as metaphysics and spiritual violence

Essence and identity

An integral postmetaphysical definition of states

From radical atheism to radical theology


Religion and politics

What "is" the differance

Image schemas and nonduality

Context transcendent meaning

Constructive and deconstructive postmodernism

Integral postmetaphysical nonduality

Kosmic addressing of mystical experience

Real and false reason * (one of the best)

Ladder, climber, view and transitional structures

The embodied challenge

Witness consciousness or not

Mind and Nature

Report from the critical realism integral theory symposeum

What is "postmetaphysical?"

Integral global capitalism *

Daniel Dennett on privileged access

Caputo's Sunday sermon

Mahendra Trivedi

Horror, spirituality and the integral suburbs

Michael Kosok

Lady Gaga

Jeremy Rifkin

Francisco Varela

Bill Torbert

Stephen Batchelor

David Michael Levin (redux)

Henri Bortoft

After Finitude


Introduction  to Emptiness

Lakoff's Thinking Points

Varieties of Religious Experience

Black Swan*


The postmetaphysics of religious difference

Kingdom Come

Sam Harris on spiritual experience

Progressive Economics

Eco transitions

Why Wisconsin matters

The indigo dollar

Praise of perversion

A note on neologisms

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