Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fractal interability

Balder posted a video at IPS showing fractal bifurcation. My response:

The fractal video seems to indicate that there is no final whole or part, that there are just indefinite fractal bifurcations?

Fractal iteration:

“Iteration can be described as a feedback process that repeats an n number of times. It refers to the act of performing the calculation of a certain function and then picking the result, or output, as the starting value, or input, for the next calculation of the same function. The operation repeats on and on (even infinitely), becoming iteration. Any such process will produce a fractal.”

Deconstructive iteration:

“Each singular...event is at once unique...[and] always repeatable.... Iterability implies a supplementarity that goes all the way down.”

And here's an interesting article that shows the relation of fractal geometry to deconstructive iterability. Mandelbrot's early writings were in fact about structural linguistics and economics.

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