Thursday, February 23, 2012

Occupy Integral

At IPS Balder linked to this post by Terry Patten and Marco Morelli at Beams and Struts blog. Bravo for the recognition of social engagement. However as  one example of such integral engagement they list conscious capitalism (CC). Until they can face how CC is itself antithetical to the very Occupy movement in its perpetuation of the social injustices it seeks to remedy they are defeating their noble intentions. This thread might awaken them somewhat, if they are serious about this and open to alternative integral (intergraal) critique. Also this thread on alternative economics based on Christian Arnsperger's ideas would be helpful, as well as this thread on progressive economics. And this one on Jeremy Rifkin, who espouses a blatant developmental socio-economic model and about whom one never hears in kennilingus circles.


  1. Hi Ed,

    Understand your reservations about Conscious Capitalism. I regard it as disclosing a Yellow-level of consciousness which, although valid, is incomplete and offers no real solution to world-centric problems such as those we face today. The same goes for most areas of activism around today (all of which are at Green or Yellow).
    If you're interested in a more detailed critique, please see my article in ILR
    best wishes
    John Bunzl

  2. Hey Edward, just wanted to drop a quick note saying that I appreciated your voice in the Occupy Integral thread at Beams. Would love to hear more from your voice and the perspectives you raised there; drop me a line if you're ever interested in putting something together for site, or maybe you have an old post that would work. you can reach me at I very much resonate with where you're coming from, and would to love to read more of that in the mix at Beams. cheers man, keep up the great work, Trevor.


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