Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Less verbose

Archive Fire blog has recently posted this talk by Jane Bennett given at The New School. I particularly appreciate her "less verbose practices," like dance and performance art, that bring us into closer contact with "the call of things" (7:45), as this is the direction I've veered into of late. Hence my recent lack of verbosity and focus on enactive performance, which is withdrawn from the blog. I guess you'd have to be here to see for yourself.

Further into Bennett's talk on "the hoard" I'm reminded of Mark Edwards' talk on heaps in "Through AQAL eyes part I." This frames similar misgivings about the correlationist anthropomorphism inherent to the integral paradigm. For example:

"One researcher might see puddles, sand dunes and piles of dust as belonging to the category of 'heap', but that might only be due to a lack of knowledge of the developmental dynamics involved in those types of entities and environments. To specialists on aquatic, geological, or desert environments, the seemingly inert and randomly assembled entities such as puddles/ponds, sand dunes/beaches, or piles of dirt/rocks may each be regarded as a complete holonic ecosystem in themselves (again see Brian Eddy's very insightful remarks on this issue). And this criticism may be extended to every 'thing' that might be defined as a heap."

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